50 Sentences of That | Most Useful and Common

50 Sentences of That | The modest word “that” has a specific position in the rich fabric of the English language.

It acts as a link, precisely and clearly connecting concepts, individuals, things, and actions.

Weaving its way into our phrases, “that” shapes our communication and improves our comprehension of the world. It can describe things, convey ideas, give directions, delve into people’s personalities, or allude to time.

Here are the list some of most common and useful 50 sentences of “that“, you can use in any of your conversations:

50 sentences of that
50 sentences of that

50 Sentences of That

  • I hope you find the book that you’re looking for.
  • Is there anything that I can do to help?
  • The car that he bought is brand new.
  • She told me a story that I’ll never forget.
  • I need the keys that you borrowed last week.
  • The movie that we watched last night was fantastic.
  • Is there a restaurant around here that serves vegetarian food?
  • The shirt that you’re wearing looks great on you.
  • I have a friend that lives in New York City.
  • He’s the person that I was talking to earlier.

  • Do you have the pen that I lent you?
  • The computer that I bought recently is very fast.
  • The food that she cooked was delicious.
  • I’ll take the book that is on the top shelf.
  • Is there a place nearby that sells ice cream?
  • The song that they played at the concert was my favorite.
  • The flowers that she received were beautiful.
  • She’s the one that I’ve been waiting for.
  • I want to buy the dress that is in the store window.
  • Is there a park around here that I can walk to?

  • The project that we’re working on is almost finished.
  • The email that he sent me had important information.
  • I appreciate all the help that you’ve given me.
  • The restaurant that we went to last night had great service.
  • I need to find the address that you gave me.
  • The book that she recommended was a bestseller.
  • He’s the person that I was talking about.
  • Is there a bus stop nearby that I can wait at?
  • The cake that she baked was delicious.
  • I want to try the dessert that’s on the menu.

  • The movie that we saw together was a comedy.
  • The package that arrived today is for you.
  • I hope to meet the person that you’ve been talking about.
  • The job that I applied for called me back.
  • Is there a coffee shop around here that’s open late?
  • The game that we played last night was intense.
  • I’ll take the phone that has the better camera.
  • The book that she’s reading is a classic.
  • She’s the one that I want to spend time with.
  • I need to find the restaurant that serves Italian food.
  • The website that I use for research is very reliable.
  • The painting that he created is a work of art.
  • I want to visit the city that you grew up in.
  • Is there a store around here that sells hiking gear?
  • The car that he drives is fuel-efficient.
  • I appreciate all the advice that you’ve given me.
  • The dish that she prepared was a family recipe.
  • He’s the friend that I can always count on.
  • I hope to find the place that we’re looking for.
  • The gift that she received made her very happy.

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50 Sentences of That for Different Situations

  • The laptop that I bought last year is still working perfectly.
  • Do you have the book that I lent you a few months ago?
  • The phone that she’s using is the latest model.
  • I need the keys that you left on the kitchen counter.
  • Is this the camera that you were talking about?
  • I believe that it’s important to be kind to others.
  • The movie that we watched last night was amazing.
  • Do you agree with the idea that teamwork is essential?
  • The restaurant that we went to had great food.
  • I think that reading is a wonderful way to relax.
  • Take the street on the left, and you’ll reach the park that you mentioned.
  • Go straight until you see the building that has a red roof.
  • Turn right at the corner with the bakery that sells fresh bread.
  • The store that you’re looking for is just around the corner.
  • The café that serves excellent coffee is on the next block.
  • She’s the person that I admire the most.
  • The teacher that we had last year was very patient.
  • Is he the colleague that you were talking about earlier?
  • I met the artist that created this beautiful painting.
  • The doctor that I saw today was very knowledgeable.
  • The day that we spent at the beach was unforgettable.
  • Do you remember the year that we traveled to Europe together?
  • The season that I enjoy the most is autumn.
  • I’m planning a trip for the month that comes after June.
  • The weekend that we have off is a great time for a getaway.

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