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Start with Learning Tense in Hindi

Tenses are a grammatical concept used to indicate the time of an action, event, or state in relation to the present, past, or future. Embark on your English learning journey with the foundational power of tenses.

Past TensePresent TenseFuture Tense
Simple PresentSimple PastSimple Future
Present ContinuousPast ContinuousFuture Continuous
Present PerfectPast PerfectFuture Perfect
Present Perfect ContinuousPast Perfect ContinuousFuture Perfect Continuous

Learn The Use of Modals in Hindi

Modals are auxiliary verbs that express necessity, possibility, permission, ability, and other related concepts in English grammar. They are crucial in conveying the speaker’s attitude or mood regarding the action.

Start with Learning Parts of Speech in Hindi

Parts of speech are the basic grammatical categories into which words are classified based on their syntactic and semantic functions within sentences. In English, there are eight primary parts of speech:


Learn Adjectives Beginning with Each Alphabet

Adjectives are words that describe or modify nouns or pronouns by providing additional information about their qualities, quantities, or states. They can specify which one, what kind, or how many. Adjectives help to add detail and clarify meaning in sentences.


Learn Most Useful Idioms in English

An idiom is a phrase or expression that has a figurative meaning different from the literal meaning of the individual words. Idioms are commonly used in everyday language and are often specific to a particular culture or language.


Build Your Vocabulary to Maximize Your Proficiency

Vocabulary refers to the collection of words that an individual knows and uses in a particular language. It includes all the words a person understands, can recognize, and employ in communication, both in written and spoken forms.


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