65+ List of Stupid Synonyms in English with Meaning

Stupid Synonyms | The word “stupid” has several synonyms in English that can convey the idea of limited intellectual capacity. These words can express various levels of stupidity, illiteracy, or stupidity.

We set out on a quest to discover the rich tapestry of idioms that highlight the subtleties of human intelligence in this linguistic trip, from the mildly perplexing to the downright ludicrous.

Here is a list of some of the most widely used synonyms for “stupid” that you can use at work or in everyday conversations.

Stupid Synonyms List 

Sr. No.SynonymMeaning
1WitlessLacking intelligence or cleverness.
2UneducatedLacking formal knowledge or schooling.
3ImbecilicExtremely stupid or foolish.
4LamebrainedHaving a poorly functioning brain.
5NonsensicalDevoid of rationality or logic.
6DozyBe slow-witted or half-asleep.
7GormlessLacking intelligence or cluelessness.
8PuerileChildishly silly or immature.
9StupefiedIn a state of mental numbness or bewilderment.
10DaftSilly or foolish.
11DoltishDisplaying a lack of common sense.
12VacuousLacking intelligence or substance.
13ShortsightedLacking foresight or understanding of consequences.
14BlockheadedExtremely foolish or obstinate.
15InaneLacking significance or meaning.
16SenselessLacking meaning or rationality.
17IdioticShowing complete lack of intelligence.
18IgnorantLacking knowledge or awareness.
19IncompetentLacking the skills or abilities.
20CluelessCompletely unaware or ignorant.

21AsinineExtremely foolish or silly.
22Dim-wittedNot quick to comprehend.
23Dull-wittedSlow to understand or think.
24DunceA person slow to learn or lacking ability.
25LudicrousSo absurd as to be laughable.
26UnperceptiveLacking awareness or insight.
27NumbskullA person lacking intelligence.
28SlowpokeA person who is slow in action or thought.
29IgnoramusAn ignorant or uninformed person.
30UnreasoningLacking the ability to reason.
31NitwitA foolish or stupid person.
32FoolishLacking good sense or judgment.
33SillyLacking in good judgment.
34NincompoopA foolish or silly person.
35AbsurdRidiculously unreasonable or illogical.
36RidiculousDeserving or inviting mockery.
37AbsurdPatently ridiculous or unreasonable.
38Brain-deadCompletely lacking in mental activity.
39BefuddledConfused or muddled in thought.
40GullibleEasily deceived or fooled.

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41UnthinkingActing without thought or consideration.
42Slow-wittedLacking in mental agility.
43FoolishLacking wisdom or prudence.
44InjudiciousNot showing good judgment.
45ThickheadedSlow to comprehend or understand.
46FoolishLacking in good judgment.
47Simple-mindedNaive or lacking in sophistication.
48UnwiseLacking good judgment.
49LunkheadedHaving a heavy and slow-witted mind.
50ShallowLacking depth or intelligence.
51DumbLacking the ability to speak or mentally slow.
52OafishClumsy or socially awkward.
53SillyDisplaying a lack of seriousness.
54MoronicVery foolish or unintelligent.
55FoolhardyRecklessly bold or foolish.
56MuddledConfused or disordered in thinking.
57Half-wittedOnly partially intelligent.
58UnsophisticatedLacking refinement or knowledge.
59DunderheadedLacking intelligence or common sense.
60LaughableDeserving of laughter or mockery.
61SimpleLacking in complexity or intelligence.
62ChildishImmature or lacking maturity.
63RidiculousDeserving or inviting ridicule.
64SimplisticOverly simple or naive.
65UnintelligentNot possessing a high level of intelligence.

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