167+ List of Idioms Starting with A | Idioms with Meaning

Idioms Starting with A | An idiom is a phrase or expression that typically presents a figurative, non-literal meaning attached to the phrase. Some phrases which become figurative idioms, however, do retain the phrase’s literal meaning.

Categorized as formulaic language, an idiom’s figurative meaning is different from the literal meaning.

idioms starting with a
idioms starting with a

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Idioms Starting with A 

Here are the list some of the Idioms starting with A:

1. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

  • Meaning – It’s better to be content with what you have than to risk it for something more.
  • Example – He decided not to invest in the risky venture, realizing that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

2. A blessing in disguise

  • Meaning – Something that seems bad at first but results in something good.
  • Example – Losing that job was a blessing in disguise; it pushed me to start my own business.

3. A dime a dozen

  • Meaning – Very common and not special.
  • Example – In big cities, coffee shops are a dime a dozen.

4. A picture is worth a thousand words

  • Meaning – A visual image can convey ideas more effectively than words.
  • Example – She didn’t explain much, but the photograph spoke volumes; truly, a picture is worth a thousand words.

5. A piece of cake

  • Meaning – Something very easy to do.
  • Example – The exam was a piece of cake; I finished it in half an hour.

6. A storm in a teacup

  • Meaning – A lot of fuss about something unimportant.
  • Example – Their argument was just a storm in a teacup; they made up the next day.

7. A taste of your own medicine

  • Meaning – When someone is treated the same way they have been treating others.
  • Example – After ignoring our calls for weeks, he got a taste of his own medicine when we stopped calling him.

8. A tough nut to crack

  • Meaning – A difficult problem or situation.
  • Example – Getting her to change her mind about moving is a tough nut to crack.

9. A whale of a time

  • Meaning –idioms starting with a
  • Example – We had a whale of a time at the amusement park yesterday.

10. Above and beyond

  • Meaning – Doing more than what is expected.
  • Example – Her efforts went above and beyond what was required for the project.

11. Absence makes the heart grow fonder

  • Meaning – Being away from someone makes you appreciate them more.
  • Example – They were apart for a year, but absence makes the heart grow fonder, and their relationship grew stronger.

12. Add fuel to the fire

  • Meaning – To make a situation worse.
  • Example – His angry comments only added fuel to the fire during the argument.

13. Against the clock

  • Meaning – Rushing to meet a deadline.
  • Example – They were working against the clock to finish the project on time.

14. All bark and no bite

  • Meaning – Someone who talks tough but doesn’t act tough.
  • Example – He threatens to fire people all the time, but he’s all bark and no bite.

15. All ears

  • Meaning – Fully listening and paying attention.
  • Example – Tell me what happened, I’m all ears.

16. All in the same boat

  • Meaning – Everyone is facing the same situation.
  • Example – With the company downsizing, we’re all in the same boat.

17. All that glitters is not gold

  • Meaning – Not everything that looks valuable is actually valuable.
  • Example – The luxurious-looking car was a dud; all that glitters is not gold.

18. All thumbs

  • Meaning – The luxurious-looking car was a dud; all that glitters is not gold.
  • Example – He tried to fix the cabinet, but he’s all thumbs.

19. An arm and a leg

  • Meaning – Very expensive.
  • Example – The new smartphone costs an arm and a leg.

20. An ax to grind

  • Meaning – Having a strong opinion or grievance about something.
  • Example – He always brings up his complaints at meetings because he has an ax to grind.

21. Apple of one’s eye

  • Meaning – Someone cherished above all others.
  • Example – Her granddaughter is the apple of her eye.

22. As good as gold

  • Meaning – Very well-behaved.
  • Example – The children were as good as gold during the ceremony.

23. As right as rain

  • Meaning – In perfect health or condition.
  • Example – After a good night’s sleep, I feel as right as rain.

24. As the crow flies

  • Meaning – The most direct route.
  • Example – It’s ten miles from here to the beach as the crow flies.

25. At a crossroads

  • Meaning – Facing a decision.
  • Example – He’s at a crossroads in his career and needs to choose between two great job offers.

26. At the drop of a hat

  • Meaning – Immediately, without any hesitation.
  • Example – She’s ready to travel at the drop of a hat.

27. At your wit’s end

  • Meaning – Completely puzzled or overwhelmed.
  • Example – I’ve tried everything to get the baby to sleep, and now I’m at my wit’s end.

28. Ax to grind

  • Meaning – A grievance or complaint one wants to discuss.
  • Example – He seems to have an ax to grind with management.

29. All in a day’s work

  • Meaning – A typical part of the job.
  • Example – Dealing with difficult customers is all in a day’s work for a sales manager.

30. All systems go

  • Meaning – Everything is ready and functioning.
  • Example – After weeks of preparation, it’s all systems go for the product launch.

31. Apple of discord

  • Meaning – A subject of dispute.
  • Example – The inheritance became the apple of discord among the siblings.

32. Ask for the moon

  • Meaning – To make an unreasonable request.
  • Example – He’s always asking for the moon, but we have to stay realistic with our budget.

33. At arm’s length

  • Meaning – To keep a safe distance.
  • Example – She keeps her colleagues at arm’s length to maintain professionalism.

34. At loggerheads

  • Meaning – In strong disagreement.
  • Example – The two parties have been at loggerheads over the new policy.

35. At loose ends

  • Meaning – Having nothing to do.
  • Example – After finishing her project, she found herself at loose ends.

36. At odds

  • Meaning – In conflict or disagreement.
  • Example – They’ve been at odds ever since the new policy was introduced.

37. At sea

  • Meaning – Confused or uncertain.
  • Example – I’m at sea with these new regulations; I don’t understand them.

38. At the helm

  • Meaning – In control or in charge.
  • Example – With her at the helm, the company has seen significant growth.

39. At the eleventh hour

  • Meaning – At the last possible moment.
  • Example – They reached an agreement at the eleventh hour.

40. At sixes and sevens

  • Meaning – In a state of confusion or disarray.
  • Example – The office was at sixes and sevens after the manager left.

41. After one’s own heart

  • Meaning – Having similar tastes or views.
  • Example – She loves hiking and nature; she’s a woman after my own heart.

42. Above board

  • Meaning – Honest and legal.
  • Example – His business dealings are always above board.

43. Ace in the hole

  • Meaning – A hidden advantage.
  • Example – She kept her credentials as an ace in the hole during the negotiations.

44. Achilles’ heel

  • Meaning – A weakness in an otherwise strong person or thing.
  • Example – His temper is his Achilles’ heel.

45. Against the grain

  • Meaning – Contrary to what is expected.
  • Example – His ideas often go against the grain, but they are innovative.

46. Air your dirty laundry

  • Meaning – To discuss private matters publicly.
  • Example – She was upset that he aired their dirty laundry in front of friends.

47. Alive and kicking

  • Meaning – Active and healthy.
  • Example – Even at 90, he’s alive and kicking.

48. All in all

  • Meaning – Considering everything.
  • Example – All in all, it was a successful event.

49. All in good time

  • Meaning – Something will happen when the time is right.
  • Example – You’ll get your promotion all in good time.

50. All roads lead to Rome

  • Meaning – Many paths can lead to the same goal.
  • Example – Whether you study or train on the job, all roads lead to Rome in this profession.

51. All set

  • Meaning – Ready.
  • Example – We’re all set for the trip.

52. All over the place

  • Meaning – In a disorganized or confused state.
  • Example – His thoughts were all over the place after the news.

53. All that jazz

  • Meaning – Everything related.
  • Example – She loves dance, music, and all that jazz.

54. All the rage

  • Meaning – Very popular or fashionable.
  • Example – Vintage clothing is all the rage these days.

55. Albatross around your neck

  • Meaning – A burdensome, ongoing problem.
  • Example – The failed project has been an albatross around his neck.

56. Ahead of the curve

  • Meaning – More advanced than the competition.
  • Example – Her strategies always keep the company ahead of the curve.

57. Ahead of the pack

  • Meaning – Leading or outperforming others.
  • Example – Their new product is ahead of the pack in terms of technology.

58. Air your grievances

  • Meaning – To express your complaints or concerns.
  • Example – He decided to air his grievances during the meeting.

59. An open book

  • Meaning – Someone who is very open and honest.
  • Example – She’s an open book, always sharing her thoughts.

60. An uphill battle

  • Meaning – A difficult struggle.
  • Example – Convincing him to change his mind will be an uphill battle.

61. Answer the call

  • Meaning – To respond to a need or demand.
  • Example – Doctors and nurses answered the call during the pandemic.

62. Ants in your pants

  • Meaning – Unable to sit still due to excitement or nervousness.
  • Example – The kids had ants in their pants waiting for the trip.

63. Any port in a storm

  • Meaning – Any solution or refuge in a difficult situation.
  • Example – He took the job offer; any port in a storm, after all.

64. As a rule of thumb

  • Meaning – Based on experience rather than theory.
  • Example – As a rule of thumb, it’s best to check your work twice.

65. As clear as day

  • Meaning – Very clear and easy to understand.
  • Example – The instructions were as clear as day.

66. As cool as a cucumber

  • Meaning – Very calm and composed.
  • Example – She remained as cool as a cucumber during the interview.

67. As the crow flies

  • Meaning – The shortest distance between two points.
  • Example – It’s about 10 miles from here to the coast as the crow flies.

68. At a loss

  • Meaning – Unable to think of something to say or do.
  • Example – I’m at a loss for words after hearing the news.

69. At cross purposes

  • Meaning – Misunderstanding each other’s intentions.
  • Example – They were talking at cross purposes during the debate.

70. At death’s door

  • Meaning – Very near death.
  • Example – He was at death’s door after the accident, but he recovered.

71. At every turn

  • Meaning – Constantly or repeatedly.
  • Example – At every turn, they faced new challenges.

72. At full tilt

  • Meaning – At full speed or capacity.
  • Example – The factory is running at full tilt to meet the demand.

73. At loggerheads

  • Meaning – In strong disagreement.
  • Example – The two departments are at loggerheads over the budget.

74. At one’s beck and call

  • Meaning – Always ready to do what someone asks.
  • Example – He has his assistants at his beck and call.

75. At one’s fingertips

  • Meaning – Easily available or accessible.
  • Example – All the information you need is at your fingertips.

76. At one’s wit’s end

  • Meaning – Completely puzzled and perplexed.
  • Example – I’m at my wit’s end trying to solve this problem.

77. At sixes and sevens

  • Meaning – In a state of confusion.
  • Example – After the move, everything was at sixes and sevens.

78. At the end of your rope

  • Meaning – At the limit of your patience or endurance.
  • Example – She was at the end of her rope with the constant delays.

79. At the top of one’s lungs

  • Meaning – As loudly as possible.
  • Example – He shouted the warning at the top of his lungs.

80. At the top of the heap

  • Meaning – In the highest position or rank.
  • Example – She’s at the top of the heap in her field.

81. At your service

  • Meaning – Ready to help or serve.
  • Example – If you need anything, I’m at your service.

82. Awash with

  • Meaning – Filled or flooded with.
  • Example – The market is awash with new technology.

83. A backhanded compliment

  • Meaning – A comment that seems like praise but is actually critical.
  • Example – He gave me a backhanded compliment about my new haircut.

84. A bad egg

  • Meaning – A person who is often in trouble.
  • Example – He’s a bad egg, always causing problems in the class.

85. A ballpark figure

  • Meaning – An approximate number or estimate.
  • Example – Can you give me a ballpark figure for the project cost?

86. A bed of roses

  • Meaning – A comfortable or easy situation.
  • Example – Life isn’t always a bed of roses.

87. A bee in your bonnet

  • Meaning – Preoccupied or obsessed with an idea.
  • Example – She’s got a bee in her bonnet about organizing the event.

88. A big fish in a small pond

  • Meaning – An important person in a small community.
  • Example – In his hometown, he’s a big fish in a small pond.

89. A blessing in disguise

  • Meaning – Something good that isn’t recognized at first.
  • Example – Losing that job was a blessing in disguise.

90. A bolt from the blue

  • Meaning – A sudden and unexpected event.
  • Example – The news of his resignation was a bolt from the blue.

91. A bone to pick

  • Meaning – A grievance to discuss.
  • Example – I have a bone to pick with you about your behavior.

92. A bull in a china shop

  • Meaning – A person who is clumsy and breaks things.
  • Example – He’s like a bull in a china shop when he’s in a hurry.

93. A bundle of nerves

  • Meaning – Very nervous or anxious.
  • Example – She was a bundle of nerves before the presentation.

94. A can of worms

  • Meaning – A complex problem that can lead to more problems.
  • Example – His suggestion opened up a can of worms.

95. A card up your sleeve

  • Meaning – A hidden advantage or resource.
  • Example – She still has a card up her sleeve for the negotiation.

96. A case in point

  • Meaning – An example that supports what is being said.
  • Example – His career is a case in point of how hard work pays off.

97. A cat in gloves catches no mice

  • Meaning – Sometimes you have to be aggressive to achieve something.
  • Example – You can’t be too careful in this business; a cat in gloves catches no mice.

98. A change of heart

  • Meaning – A change in opinion or feelings.
  • Example – She had a change of heart and decided to stay.

99. A chip on your shoulder

  • Meaning – Holding a grudge or feeling resentful.
  • Example – He’s got a chip on his shoulder about not getting the promotion.

100. A clean slate

  • Meaning – A fresh start without past issues.
  • Example – She moved to a new city to start with a clean slate.

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