55+ Christmas Idioms | List of Christmas Idioms with Meaning

Christmas idioms add another dimension to this enchanted season beyond the presents and sparkling décor. These sayings condense the holiday’s spirit into a few words, acting as secret codes of celebration.

They represent the warmth, joy, and melancholy that fill our souls during this time of year as they twinkle like the lights on a Christmas tree. In this article, we’ll explore 50 one of the best & most used Christmas idioms with their meanings.

Christmas Idioms With Meaning

  1. Tis the season to be jolly – This means it’s the time to be happy and festive during the Christmas season.
  2. Wassail your guests – To offer a warm and hearty welcome to your guests during Christmas.
  3. Jingle all the way – To move or progress in a lively or merry manner, like the sound of jingling bells.
  4. Deck the halls – It means to decorate your home with festive ornaments and decorations.
  5. A white Christmas – Describes a Christmas with snow on the ground.
  6. Fruitcake – Refers to something that is difficult to deal with or an eccentric person.
  7. Christmas comes early – This means something happens or arrives sooner than expected, like receiving a gift before Christmas Day.
  8. Trim the tree – This idiom means to decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments and lights.
  9. Eggnog hangover – A humorous reference to the aftereffects of indulging in too much eggnog.
  10. Snow globe – A decorative glass ball filled with water and a miniature scene, often featuring snowfall when shaken.
  11. Yule tide carols being sung by a choir – A line from “The Christmas Song” referring to the singing of carols during the holiday season.
  12. In the twinkling of an eye – It means something happens very quickly, like the twinkling of Christmas lights.
  13. Partridge in a pear tree – Refers to the first gift in the song “The 12 Days of Christmas.”
  14. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire – A line from the song “The Christmas Song,” signifying a cozy and traditional Christmas scene.
  15. Sleigh bells ringing – Refers to the sound of bells on Santa’s sleigh.
  16. Bells and whistles – This refers to the attractive or special features of something, often used when describing fancy Christmas decorations.
  17. Gingerbread house – A decorated house made of gingerbread cookies, often a craft project during Christmas.
  18. Sugarplum dreams – Sweet and pleasant dreams, like the visions danced in the heads of children in “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.”
  19. Holly jolly – A term for cheerful and joyful celebrations.
  20. The whole nine yards – This means giving it your all, often associated with decorating or celebrating to the fullest during Christmas.
  21. Reindeer games – Playful activities or pranks during Christmas.
  22. Jingle bells – Refers to the famous Christmas song and the sound of bells jingling.
  23. Merry and bright – A wish for a happy and cheerful Christmas.
  24. Put the icing on the cake – It means to add something extra to make a good thing even better, like the icing on a Christmas cake.
  25. Egg nog – A traditional Christmas drink made with eggs, milk, and usually alcohol.
  26. Nutcracker – A traditional wooden figure used to crack nuts, often depicted in Christmas decorations.
  27. Yuletide greetings – Warm wishes and greetings for the Christmas season.
  28. Like a kid in a candy store – This describes someone who is very excited and happy, like a child at Christmas.
  29. Ho, ho, ho – The traditional laugh of Santa Claus.
  30. Silent Night – Refers to a peaceful and quiet Christmas night.
  31. Christmas comes but once a year – It reminds us to enjoy the festive season because it doesn’t last long.
  32. Angels We Have Heard on High – A reference to the Christmas carol of the same name.
  33. Nativity scene – A depiction of the birth of Jesus, often part of Christmas decorations.
  34. Christmas on a shoestring – This means celebrating Christmas with a limited budget.
  35. Sugar and spice – Represents the sweet and lovely aspects of the Christmas season.
  36. Yule goat – A Scandinavian Christmas tradition involving a goat figure.
  37. Silver bells – Refers to the sound of bells ringing during the holiday season.
  38. Silver and gold – Refers to valuable and precious things, like the song “Silver and Gold.”
  39. Feliz Navidad – Spanish for “Merry Christmas.”
  40. Under the mistletoe – It’s a tradition to kiss someone when you stand under mistletoe during the Christmas season.
  41. Frosty the Snowman – Refers to the popular snowman character in Christmas folklore.
  42. Snowed in – When you can’t leave your house because of heavy snowfall.
  43. Ghost of Christmas Past – A reference to Dickens’ story, this means someone who reminds you of your past actions or mistakes.
  44. Stocking stuffer – Small gifts or treats placed in Christmas stockings.
  45. North Pole – Often associated with Santa Claus’s residence.
  46. Three wise men – Refers to the biblical figures who visited the baby Jesus, symbolizing wisdom.
  47. Christmas cracker – A decorative paper tube filled with small toys, jokes, and paper hats, often pulled apart at Christmas dinners.
  48. Warm as a cup of cocoa – Describes something cozy and comfortable.
  49. Scrooge – Refers to a miserly or stingy person, from Charles Dickens’ character Ebenezer Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol.”
  50. Yule log – A large log traditionally burned in the fireplace during Christmas.

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